FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1:  What services don't you provide?
"We do not provide electrical, pest control, cleaning or roof tiling/repairs."

Q2:  What is the average cost of a HOUSE CALLS visit?
"As you would expect, the cost of a job will vary as we have a "no job is too small" policy. Average cost would range between $75 - $450 depending on a variety of factors including the degree of difficulty and materials required"

Q3:  What is the most cost effective way to utilise House Calls services?
“The most cost effective way to utilise House Calls services is to request work that will take up an entire day (we call this an "Annual Property Tidy-Up day ". There is no service callout charge levied in this case."

Q4:  What sort of guarantee on workmanship does House Calls provide?
“Depending on the job, a minimum 12 months."

Q5:  Does House Calls charge a "service call" charge?
“A service call charge may be levied on each customer visited during the day to cover the labour and other running costs that are incurred. We call this lost or unbillable time and some days it may constitute 33% of the day. The service call charge is not levied when we are booked for a complete day as is the case when a client books us for an "Annual Property Tidy-up" day."

Q6:  What is an "Annual Property Tidy-up" day?
“This is one of our most popular services as it enables our customers to book one of our tradesmen for an entire day in order to work on a list of problems that the customer has put together. There is no service callout charge levied on an "Annual Property Tidy-Up day."

Q7:  How do I pay you?
“We currently accept cash or cheque and will be providing a mobile credit card facility in the future to make it even easier for our customer."

Q8:  Do you provide Gift Vouchers?
“Absolutely! We provide Gift Vouchers for our "Annual Property Tidy-Up" day. These are a great idea for giving to a friend."